Music Class Video Links

8th Grade Parent Celebration 2018

Earthquake Safety Song: The Great Shake Up!

Grandparents and Special Friends

Check out our 7th Graders who composed and performed their St. John School Mission Song:

Mission Statement Compositions: 1

Middle School ~ Music Technology 

 Music Students share extraordinary creativity writing, singing, editing and mixing music on Garageband during our Music Technology class every Tuesday!

Check out many amazing videos produced by our talented Middle School Students on Mrs. Tsagalakis’ Youtube Channel:

St. John Music Students in action!

8th Grade Parent Celebration 2015

8th Grade Farewell Video Examples: 4

Our first published Youtube video has over 80,000 hits!
St. John School 2nd Graders singing “We are Marching in the Light of God!”

Other Great Links

Our St. John “Girl Scouts”shared this wonderful resource of fabulous sing-a-long song:
Fun Songs to Sing In The Car For Kids