Teacher Excellence “Music Extravaganza” Page for Teachers


We’ve posted some of our favorite activities and music class ideas for teachers who attended our  2015 ‘Teacher Excellence’ “Music Extravaganza!”  workshop

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Willaby Wallaby Warm Up for Primary Students

“Sasha Sasha – Vras, Dras, Dri!”
R, R, R,   L, L, L, Both, Both, Both, legs, legs, legs (repeat)
Connect R elbows circle   1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 (HEY!)   (Reverse)
Connect L elbows and circle   1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 (HEY!)
Walk around with hands behind back…
Find a new partner…   “Sasha, Sasha, Vras, Dras Dri!”

Greek Folk Dance – Hasaposerviko / Χασαποσερβικο

Six Easy Steps –
Step (R) Behind (L)  Step (R) Kick (L)  Step (L) Kick (R)

Bim Bum Bitty:
7th graders learned the song and hand movements to “Bim Bum Bitty.”   They were given the assignment to compose a new song with rhythm and melody using three words and three motions.  This video shows Mrs. Tsagalakis’ students collaborating, composing, performing, teaching and learning together!  Great work 7th graders!

Schola Choir “Seek Ye First”
Seek Ye First – St. John Schola Choir

GRIZZLY BEAR Singing Game:
(R Circle)   
Grizzly bear, a grizzly bear is sleeping in a cave

(L. Tip toe)
Please be very quiet
very, very quiet

(Take 3 tiny steps in (Never touching the bear)
If you wake him, if you shake him

(Out and FREEZE!)
he gets very MAD!
(Grizzly bear roars at two children who a flinching… then covers eyes, turns and points to next bear)

Throw and Catch:
Throw Catch, Throw Catch, Throw Catch
(Turn) Gee – Kay – Laze -A
(Stomp) Na, Na, Na, Na…..  2 times

Music Resources:

TAKE TIME IN LIFE – World Drumming    Take TIme In Life

JUBILATE DEO  Jubilate Deo

WE SING YOUR GLORY – We Sing Your Glory

Musical Movement to Humoreque by Anton Dvorak

Our Music Class Favorite Resources:

Primary Grades: K, 1, and 2
Kids In Motion CD

Charlotte Diamond Songbook

Creative Movement in the Classroom by Greg and Steve

3-5 Grade Music Blog “Music a la Abbott”
Great Idea for breakout groups learning notation and rhythm in October